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Either we’re talking about residential houses, urban apartments
or commercial premises – its interior design does matter!

Residential Interior Design


To transform your living space into something that reflects your lifestyle and personality with its needs and wishes, creates a vivid and personal atmosphere. Every client and space deserve to be taken seriously, without pre-conceptions and with the ambition to create a bespoke design solution.

A transformation can be simple through reorganization, a few new accessories, a piece of art or just a change of paint colour and textiles. However, sometimes a bigger change is due, which includes walls, floors, ceilings and even some remodelling? Our ambition is to help you achieving your dreams and wishes with your home environment to complement you and your personality – no matter if it’s a small or a big project or budget.

We avoid standardized solutions through implementing antiques, art, photos and/or unique pieces of furniture in symbiosis with materials and textures. Then an eclectic richness can be achieved unswayed by the passing dictates of fashion.


Commercial Interior Design

Creating  a suitable and inspiring commercial interior, requires research and respect for the brand’s image.

Through careful selections of colours, materials, textures and furniture, a strong brand identity can be enhanced and the interior design can create added value. An inspiring atmosphere creates a reassuring feeling, which effect often can result in increased spending (hotels, restaurants, retail) or improved work performances (offices, medical practises). Clients often translate and equates a high-level interior design with high-end professionalism, which they would like to experience and be connected to.

Equally important is a high level of understanding for each business’s practical needs. Smart efficient solutions that improves the work environment, shorten lead times – which leads to reduced costs, higher service levels and an improved reputation.



Bespoke built in solutions

A bespoke built-in design solution creates a high-end feeling and represent valuable pay-back!

Most people have built in kitchens & bathrooms and many extend this today to the bedrooms to create stylish storage and walk-in-closets. Even with simple means, a much more exclusive feeling can easily be achieved. The atmosphere becomes more aesthetically pleasing and it additionally becomes more practical, since it often means smarter storage space.

Many other spaces could benefit from implementing built-in storage and/or presentation space. Hallways & entrances for example, often have quite substantial practical needs, but the risk is that without proper storage – it might result in a very cluttered first impression. Alcoves can provide space for sculptures or still art, a cupboard with foldable doors can hide a TV (picture left), books can be beautifully displayed in a safely built-in bookshelf that covers a whole wall and not just a part of it and cupboards built in odd spaces can provide much more practical storage space.


Property styling

Are you selling your property and would like to attract the right clientele, or do you plan a special event?

SELLING A PROPERTY – The pay-back for professional styling before a property goes out for sale, is enormous. It can have a true impact on the result! The idea is to come up with a style that best complement the property and appeal to the demographic it is being marketed to. To maximize under-utilized spaces potential, to de-clutter and to add freshness with new coats of paint or/and adding a few key-pieces of eye catching furniture, will create the change to make it attractive. More than 80% of buyers research properties online before they visit, then immaculate staging and photography is a must.

SETTING THE STAGE FOR AN EVENT – To create a certain atmosphere, in order to achieve a business goal or just to enhance your own personal profile makes an impact. With simple means a home can be transformed for an evening or a business site for some days. Something to be remembered by!

Art selection & creation

Well-placed artwork has the power to transform a space, but selecting the correct piece can be a complicated and intimidating project.

We help you to find a piece that you love! Fine art should make you happy and excited every day, since it’s a long-term investment. We help you consider scale, combinations of fine art to street art and drawings to create your story and how to implement them in the interior. For complete remodellings/renovations, it’s often beneficial to build an interior from the loved artworks, meanwhile in an already existing interior we help finding the right contrasts and complements to create harmony and balance.

We additionally work with reproductions, when you for example have an old loved family painting/portrait and would wish your extended family to share the joy of it.

Project management & Technical drawings

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We can help you organizing building permits, contact with specialists, budget and the everyday follow up – or parts of it. It can sometimes be overwhelming to run a large renovation project and we’re happy to help and provide regular updates.

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS – We work within a professional architectural computer system, allowing everyone from architects to structural engineers to do their bit within the same system. We provide technical drawings according to your personal wishes and needs, everything from monochromatic or coloured plans, elevations and 3D views to detail drawings.

We usually start a project by offering mood boards to help finding the style you would be comfortable with and to find an original idea to work from. Further on, we can offer to provide material boards, furniture boards, budget & specifications etc.


We will design the home of your dreams!

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