Kitchen Design

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Project details

  • Eat in kitchen: Practical and comfortable
  • Open plan kitchen: Sociable and modern
  • Kitchen with living space: Practical for families with young children



A kitchen needs to be both beautiful and functional!

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens whether it’s cooking, eating, cleaning or socialising. The layout is essential no matter which style and look you choose.



Today’s kitchens don’t follow any strict rules when it comes to the ambience and style. In the past kitchens were mainly classic, rustic or modern. It has become more common to use unconventional colours, a mix of colours, a mix of materials and to use them in unexpected ways to achieve something new and personal. Considering the amount of time spent in the kitchen, why not make it your own in all aspects? It should be a place where you love to be, a place that inspires you, and that makes you happy and calm.

Redoing a kitchen is a large investment, so if you’re considering selling your property in a couple of years, it might be good to choose a durable and more general style. A return of up to 60% is possible with wise choices.


LED lights and energy efficient and durable appliances are a great investment from an environmental perspective. Eating more healthily has also impacted the way we design kitchens today. In the past, steam ovens were usually only found in restaurant kitchens, today they found in many kitchens. Steamed food usually tastes better and retains more vitamins and minerals. Grill or Teppan Yaki hobs also ensure healthier meals, as no fat (butter/oil) is needed.


For a kitchen to work well, the sink, refrigerator and stove (the kitchen triangle) have to be placed closely to one another. The sum total of the three sides of the triangle should be between 3-7 meters. Adding storage wherever possible is always a good idea – and appreciated once the kitchen is in use. ‘Odd’ spaces are ideal for clever storage solutions. Enough counter space, adequate lighting and a smart solution for recycling all help make working in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.


It’s not always necessary to start from scratch when renovating a kitchen. For example, when purchasing a property with a relatively new kitchen, you may find good quality cupboards which can be repainted, and by simply exchanging the counter tops and appliances the kitchen can have a completely new look. Refurbishment is often more cost-efficient, more environmentally friendly yet it also offers the possibility to personalize your kitchen.

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