Construction & Built-in solutions

  • 1. sigtuna george gas station
  • 1 Sigtuna hallway
  • 1. sigtuna study
  • 1 sigtuna hallway inside detail
  • 1. Beata sigtuna hörne utan docka
  • 1. wilhelm interior wardrobe

Project details

  • Storage: Built-in cupboards and shelves
  • Media: To hide the TV temporary
  • Display: To display still life or art
  • Space: To maximize space and storage
  • Ambience: To enhance the interior design


    A bespoke built-in design solution creates a high end feeling and delivers a valuable return.

    Most people have built-in kitchens and bathrooms, and many extend this trend to the bedroom to create stylish storage and walk-in closets. An exclusive look can easily be achieved – even with modest means. Built-in design solutions often create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and makes the room more practical due to smarter storage spaces.

    Many other spaces could benefit from implementing built-in storage and/or display spaces. Hallways and entrances, for example, often need practical solutions, but the risk is, that without proper storage, a cluttered look might be the first impression. Alcoves can provide space for sculptures or pieces of art a cupboard with foldable doors can hide a television; books can be beautifully displayed in a built-in bookshelf covering a whole wall, and not just a part of it, and built-in cupboards in odd spaces can provide additional and practical storage space.

    Built-in solutions in children’s rooms provide much needed storage, but can also create spaces for play and fantasy worlds.


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