Children's Rooms

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Project details

  • Atmosphere: An imaginary world - suitable for each age. Nursery, Child or Teen.
  • Storage: Enough smart built in storage to keep it tidy
  • Safety: Precautions to guarantee safety
  • Play: Inspiring, fun pretend areas
  • Flexibility with age: Smart, flexible furniture to adjust with age

Children use their bedroom for everything; sleeping, playing and working!

That’s why it has to be practical, fun, cosy, stylish, comfortable and safe.

When the interior of a children’s room is created professionally, we consider whether the room might have to grow with the child. We also want the room to be functional and provide enough unrestricted space to play in. The room should stimulate play, but at the same time create a calm environment for sleep. The choice of colours has a big impact as colours have an ability to influence our mood, to soothe and heal, but also to excite and inspire us. Different colour choices should be considered for different ages.


A nursery should be a calm sanctuary with soft flooring and rugs to provide a comfortable play surface and to reduce noise levels. Twinkle- or night lights are preferable to a strong light as they provide a glow which softens the atmosphere. Blankets, soft toys or floor cushions for snuggling are a great addition. Design is important – not only in furniture choice but also in the choice of toys, since children develop and learn through playing. Well designed toys provide stimulation, time for discovery and spark imagination. Babies and young toddlers need items to focus on, which is why patterned fabric and/or wallpaper is important. According to experts, children become happier and healthier when they are surrounded by many soothing colours, and if something glows, glitters or flashes it relaxes them.


The bed could be so much more than a bed! By using space wisely and creatively one can fulfil any dream. The top of a bunkbed could be transformed into a royal castle or a hideaway or a pirate ship with open sails. A durable theme that is easy to change with time, will continue to inspire creativity. Adding thought provoking items (which might traditionally be found in other rooms) could inspire curiosity as well as intrigue a child. Adding items, they’ve made will add to a sense of pride in their room. It’s important to consider practical aspects. Creating enough room by designing smart storage solutions is a must and creating different spaces for different activities (such as reading, dressing-up, art or building) will inspire the children to become more organized and to take the initiative to learn and explore. Various textures, art or patterns, musical instruments and sound will help them develop a connection to the world through multi-sensory play.


For a teenager, the bedroom’s main function is a place to relax and to escape from all demands and rules, and it’s important to include the teen in the design decisions. These decisions should express who they are. As teens oscillate between adulthood and childhood it is sometimes tricky to get the balance right.

Many teens are up to date with the latest trends and they often view their room as their own self-contained mini-apartment where they prefer to spend as much time as possible. In order to respect their privacy and their needs, the room needs to be versatile enough for them to hang out with friends, get homework done and relax and sleep. It is important to reflect their personality.

Whilst parents often prefer to create a calm environment, many teens find it important to make bold statements by using, for example, bright colours or wall art or customized graffiti or even large neon signs conveying a message!


Time to release your inner child or teen………..