Bedroom design

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  • Sigtuna guest bedroom
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Project details

  • Master bedrooms: to consider ensuite bathrooms and dressingrooms
  • Guest bedrooms: Placement & privacy

    The bedroom could just be a place to sleep, or it could also be a place for recreation and relaxation!

    To create a private oasis with a harmonic environment where it is possible to de-stress and relax, requires a well thought through interior design. Our days are full of demands, so what could be more beneficial than a peaceful haven in which to rejuvenate at the end of the day?

    It’s of course important that the bedroom reflects your personality: both aesthetically and practically, but apart from that there are some general recommendations of what a bedroom could most benefit from:

    COLOURS have a large impact on how a room is experienced. As this is a room for sleep and recreation, it benefits from a calm colour palette. Blue and green shades together with neutrals often provide calmness, harmony, freshness and safety. Green is said to have healing power, and blue is considered to be beneficial for both mind and body.

    LIGHTING can help to soften an atmosphere through the use of subtle light sources. It’s also worth considering placing light sources in various parts of the room and to avoid one big ceiling light.

    FURNITURE help create a cosy and comfortable space. A high quality bed meeting your needs is an obvious essential, but giving equal attention to the choice of the frame or headboard is often forgotten. It makes quite a difference to have a soft, upholstered headboard to lean your head against whilst reading. Bedside tables that are large enough for your needs is another consideration. Additional furniture help make the bedroom a truly private oasis. An armchair for reading, for example, could be an interesting addition.

    TEXTILES generously placed throughout the room, softens the atmosphere. As well as creating a feeling of cosiness and warmth, they are also used to darken the room when needed, and have the added advantage of reducing noise levels. Textiles are also great for enhancing a theme, colour scheme or for expressing a lifestyle. A rug can provide a luxurious feeling – especially when stepping out of bed in the morning.