Bathroom Design

  • sigtuna master shower
  • sigtuna guest toilet
  • sigtuna guest shower room
  • childrens toilet sigtuna

Project details

  • Master bathroom: Spacious with both shower & bath
  • Shower room: Practical additions for ensuite purpose
  • Guest toilet: Important additions for privacy

A bathroom is where you start and finish every day!

Whether it’s relaxing in a bath after a long day or de-stressing in a power shower, bathrooms lend themselves to reflection. With the right interior design, these experiences are enhanced and can inspire.

By adding more than the necessities, it’s possible to create a true sanctuary. Practical needs are important but by extending the style and atmosphere of the house to the bathroom, it transcends mere function. Simple touches like adding a piece of art, candles or different coloured towels can bring a colour scheme together and enhance the style without overloading the space.

Clever and adequate storage is of the utmost importance in order to avoid a cluttered impression and to create space for the many bathroom necessities. The lighting has to be balanced with strong enough light for the mirror and dimmed light for the overall atmosphere.

From a practical perspective, it’s wise to choose a medium coloured mélange floor that does not require daily maintenance, as well as light walls, as they convey a feeling of freshness whilst also reflecting light well.

Thoughtful details such as individual mini hand towels, instead of a ‘one for all’, or Bluetooth connectivity to speakers, enhance the inhabitants’ or guests’ experience.

Renovating the bathroom can dramatically increase the value of your home and provide an almost 60% return, so it’s well worth the investment. As the cost can be substantial, it’s wise to consider a style and colour scheme that have longevity.


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