Your home interior is a reflection of your personality…

Reasons to hire the House of Bennet


House of Bennet has many years of design experience, including a variety of residential and commercial design projects, mainly in Sweden and Switzerland. Partnership with excellent craftsmen and artists, as well as thorough preparation, is our successful formula for attaining high quality, and timely completion within budget.

Bespoke solutions
Every space and client differ. We approach each project with an open mind and recognize each client’s unique requirements. We steer away from convention or fads to create truly interesting and unique spaces with a functional and timeless style.


Being well organized, trustworthy and efficient is the bedrock of a good reputation. House of Bennet never spends more time on any project than is needed. Making your design dreams come true is easy with our help!

Sensible pricing 

Investing wisely in your home is very important to us. Our pricing is fair and balanced, with the possibility of flexible or fixed offers. Our close relationship with our suppliers, ensures our offers are reasonable. Creative thinking and alternative solutions can make dreams come true!


Pernilla Bennet

Pernilla Bennet

Founder and Creative Director

Pernilla founded House of Bennet in 2012. After over a decade of experience within the textile and fashion business, Pernilla obtained a BA (Hons) (1st) in Interior Design at Staffordshire University. She also holds degrees in Economics, Textile Technology and Fashion Design.

Pernilla has enhanced this already rich knowledge base by continuous studies. This includes subjects such as the History of Art, Fashion Forecasting, Film in relation to Fashion and Environmental Textiles.

A strong sense of architecture and design is a hallmark of Pernilla’s work which has developed through her passion for history and art. Her design philosophy is shaped by travelling and learning from the richness of different cultures.

A home should pay tribute to and reflect the owner’s experiences through an expression of art, furniture, textiles, materials or collected objects.

House of Bennet’s portfolio comprises prestigious residences, historic homes, country estates and commercial reconstructions.